Are you one of us?

July 3, 2009


now, i guess is the best time to be fair. enough of those stupid excuses. enough of that boring script. enough of it. I'm feed up. I'm all pissed.
Its almost everyday. tolerance is totally different from being kind. irresponsibility of someone is very clear. i hate to say this, but maybe because i always buy their stupid excuses that's why they abused me. because of saying okay, things are done repeatedly because they think everything is fine within me. Because I choose to be nice than being rude, they tend to forget that someones irresponsibility pissed me off. Pissed me of big time.
I feel so hurt. So hurt because someone could correct someones bad habit, but yet nothing is done. Well, maybe just like me, they are just being nice. But again, Ill said it " tolerance is totally different from being kind". Wake up everyone. Enough of this stupidity.
From now on, Ill live to what i think is right. Ill live to what I deserve. I will not settle less to what that I deserve. I will speak my mind. Sometimes truth are harsh and most often it hurts, but I guess it would be better that way. It may hurt so, but truth, as they say will set everyone free. Through this blog, I'm now starting a new me. A man that will speak my mind. Not that will be too nice and let someone live in their dreams, and worst fantasy. Afterall they'll be waking up soon. Why not wake them up now and face reality. Why let them stay longer in their dreams if sooner they'll wake up in the reality. Wake them up and let them live in reality.
I guess, I got nothing to do with it. Sad to say that I'm not in the position to correct those bad habits. If I only have the power, then maybe these was addressed long before. Maybe I'm writing this blog no more. Since I get nothing to do with it, the best way now is to play their game. As they say it " if you can't beat them, be with them". Its not actually all about beating them. This a whole different issue, Its more of correcting stupidity. But since I'm not into the power to correct such, and worse, the person who has it, is blinded by being nice (that's what I hope so) ill just go and play their game. I know its not the right thing to do, but if its the only way to make them realize what they are doing, then I'm be ready. Flattery I guess will be my best mechanism. I will do things the way they do it. Its not right but for now, its the best. Sooner, if everyone is into reality, things will get back at normal.
For now, i can do nothing but hope. Hope for the better and hope that everyone and reality will strike them big time. Now, this is me. just me.