Are you one of us?

July 22, 2011


Alam mo ba… na ang PUKE ay synonymous to VOMIT?..

Ano ulit ang basa mo?

July 18, 2011

gusto mo maging masaya?


Each night (instead of morning, adik mode kasi graveyard ako for the last 6 years) when I open my ever beautiful eyes (walang basagan ng trip, mata ko to!!. bawal komontra, suportahan mo na lang ako. sabihin mo "oo" saksakan ng ganda ang mata ko sa comment box kahit alam kong binobola mo lang ako, paniniwalaan ko hahaha) I say to myself: "I", not events, have the power to make me happy or unhappy today. I can choose which it shall be. Yesterday is dead, tomorrow hasn't arrived yet. I have just one day, today, and I'm going to be happy in it.

Not everyday would be a perfect day. Not all the time, things will turn out the way we wanted it to, but whats good at it, is, "US" remains to be positive despite bad things happens.  Sabi nga ni J.P. Vaswani sa kanyang libro na "Its All A Matter of Attitude" we can't change bad things, but we can change our attitude towards them :-)

so today, whatever happens, let us all be happy. 

love... love... love... :-)

July 8, 2011

waka waka sila

QUESTION: What will you do if a total stranger na nakasalubong mo excitedly hugs you and says she miss you in front of her friends?
It was one great morning. While walking at d' mall alone to bring some stuffs to a friend cum business partner cum product distributor when this girl excitedly hugs me in front of her friends telling me she missed me that much. Caught off guarded and shocked (kunwari) I just let her hugged me while trying my best to remember who the hell is this beautiful young babe. But really I can't remember a single detail of her. Or maybe Im just too focused the way she hugs me plus the fact that shes wearin and extra thin cloth (the typical thin white cloth used for beach attires). Just when shes done. All I did and say was "Hi, Hu U?" hahahhaha. And made a not so charming excuse by saying "oopppssss, a friend is waiting nearby. I'll just bring this stuff and be back soon." I could see it in her face that she was shock. And then I walk away. Just about three meters away, I heard her called me "kuya saglit" and ran towards me and says "Oy Im sorry, kala ko ikaw si (I forget the name she mentioned). All I said was "its okey, I know it" hahaha suplado mode at nag apir apir kaming dalawa and burst ourselves in laughter. We parted our ways laughing to what had happened.

Another story I wanna share.
Tsamina mina eh eh waka waka eh eh, tsamina mina mina dis time por aprika waaaaahhhhh (sabay suka) ni manong lasing sa kanto. tangna naman si kuya susuka lang kakanta pa ng waka waka. wadapaks. Ang matindi pa nito, while his doing his thing ang kainuman naman nya iniihian suka nya. wahhhhh. palanggana. Sila na. Sila nang bida. silang lasenggo sa kalsada. 

this was some weird and funny experience I had last few days. Everytime I remember these napapamura ako este napapasmile. whew!!!!

July 4, 2011


May pagkakataon bang naramdaman mong lagi ka na lang nami-misinterpret ng mga taong nakapaligid sayo? Thats exactly my delimma at the moment, or perhaps its me who misinterpret things around me. Why oh why lantang gulay.

I really dont know why people loves to make stories out of something that is purely based on assumptions. Prejudice? Perhaps not. It all started out with a plain and simple status update in Mr. Zuckerbergs famous website, and before I know it, there had been malicious and fabricated stories circulating around. And to make the story more interisting than it really is, they make me the main subject aka bida and at the same time kontrabida. Homaygawd, dual role. 

Much that I would want to clear things out, make another status update for clariffication, I just decided not to, hence I dont want to be mis-interpreted again and forget those thing even it is a bit hard. I must admit, I was affected of such, but whats more important is I, myself know whats true.

Plain and simple, we all have our way of understanding people. We all have our way of knowing what they want us to know. But more than that, RESPECT should always be present so, we too, would gain their respect that we think we deserve.

Ikaw, had your status update in Facebook had been misinterpreted?