Are you one of us?

January 24, 2011


Two scenic road ahead of you. Both is as fair as the other and promises a good journey. You're destined to go somewhere you had planned, and just when you are about to start a journey you think you've been wanted for so long, you find yourself in a crossroad.

Options, somehow make it so hard, but no need to complain for someone out there, right at this moment,  is doing things they don't want because they lack options. They don't have the chance to think and chose what they want. I'm lucky ayt? How lucky I am.

First road will lead you to somewhere and to someone you longed to be with. The journey is  yet unknown, you don't have any idea how the travel would go, but surely it will lead you to the destination you've wanted. Second road, is the realization of change you been asking for. You had been the instrument of change that you wanted. Unlike the first, you have an idea of how the journey would go, yet you don't have the specific destination. OH well I guess I should choose the first one. Watchathink?..

Time to think again. Reconsideration and reconstructing my mind. Check and lay all cards and finally decide. My Lord, once again I'll leave it up to you. May your will be followed and may you enlighten me of what you want me to do. Again I TRUST, I DEPEND and I SURRENDER.

Ask, and it will be given to you;
seek, and you will find; 
knock, and it will be opened to you.
For everyone who asks receives, 
and he who seeks finds, 
and to him who knocks it will be opened. 

January 22, 2011

Farewell Le Soleil

 After so many considerations, slept less nights, weeks of discernment, I had finally submitted my resignation letter. In just a month, i will no longer be part of the company that serves as my bread and butter for more than six years.

I'm a bit sad because i will be leaving people  and work ,I learned to love, yet very optimistic of discovering what life has to offer after my present company. I will be forever grateful to the people who, in one way or  another had help me develop personally and professionally. Inevitably, not all days for the past six years had flown smoothly. There are times that you had to deal with conflicts that come along your way as part of the team. There will always be people who at some point would disagree the way you carry some issues but at the end of the day, what matters most is how you deal different situations and scenarios with compassion, confidence, and standing firm on the decisions you've made and remained as a good person that you had been.

To the whole team of Le Soleil de Boracay Hotel, my depth gratitude to everyone, I will never forget the times we shared together, the laughter that filled every corner of the hotel, the debates and the walk-out dramas, the tampuhan modes and everything. Those fun memories will always be with me. To the people I maybe hurt and offended while in the course of performing my duties,  I hope you find it in your heart to understand the situation, and knowing how professional everyone is, I don't need to worry.

As a new chapter in my life will unfold, I had but only one wish, may the people I work with and meet along the way as a member of Le Soleil team will continuously be blessed with everything they need so as to continue the service that it had known for. Truly, its people, the whole team is its best asset of the company.

To the managers my sincerest gratitude for every opportunities you had created for me. I had realized that some big opportunities are packaged in a small not so eye catching boxes. I had lots of it, that had turned me the person I am now. I had allowed myself to let those opportunities  shape me professionally in a limitless possibilities. And again to all employees, supervisors and the security department best of luck. you guys ROCKS!!!!

More power and Best of all luck.

January 17, 2011

My Boracay Story

Some things come to an end. People come and go. This time, as its not yet over and I have still much time to share you my Bora story I would like to say THANK YOU to the people dear to me, to those I consider strangers at first, because I am just no one and nobody when I had my first step in Boracay's powder white sand beach years ago. To those strangers that eventually I called friends. That same people who I shared laughter and crying moments. To the people I work with, which some are considered to be real friends, super friends, best friends and some just simply friends. People who I met while simply having my morning walk, those met when I had my late lunch and dinner, those whom I meet in Gimik places and those that I cant even remember. The island is filled with good people, some I personally know, some I dont. I will be forever thankful to everyone.

To the powder white sand beach of Boracay, whom I seek comfort to its white powdery sand and its pristine waters when Im away from my family, which also in so many ways had been a silent witness when I silently cried to its crystal clear water pretending that I just swimming alone. Nobody would even care when you're done swimming and your eyes turned beet red. Thats is always a perfect excuse, just dont let those precious tears run down if somebody ask you if you cried. Memories that is. Boracay that is.

I might say that I had enough of Boracay. Its also safe to say that I had experience most, if not all this island has to offer. This I will be forever be proud of, working in one of the most beautiful island of the world and enjoying everything it has to offer. Its like working and playing. Meeting different people and knowing their cultures. Chit chats with them that everytime I get amazed with their stories about how proud they are of their countries, much as proud that they had been in Boracay. As on my part, I never failed to tell that I am true blooded Aklanon, a filipino which is very obvious, and tell them some of our cultures and traditions. I also take pride to tell to them, that there are many good places in the country aside from Boracay. As a whole the Philippines, our country is filled with many good people which I always believe that us, FILIPINOS will always be its best asset to attract more tourist. I take pride doing this things, because I'm a self proclaimed ambassador of my country even in my little capacity. It had been my silent advocacy. I will miss doing these things later or anytime soon, but one thing is for sure, wherever I go and whenever I get an oppurtunity to promote the Philippines I will always take pride doing it.

The line "What happens in Bora, stays in Bora" may not work for me. Because everything that happenned in me needs to be shared.  Everything, good or bad, is great story that deserve to be told. I learned from everything, from everyone.

As a new chapter in my life will unfold, I am starting to look back at myself since I first stepped in this Island. I was just an innocent 20 year old young man hoping to get a job and help my family. After seven years, it was just like yesterday, and I need to move on, move forward, and create a new life, a new me. So much better than that 20 year old innocent man years ago. 

I hate the fact and the feeling that sooner I might leave this place. I hate that I can't stay in this Island for life. I hate the fact that despite it is the perfect place to retire for me, I am still too young for it, and I still need to work my butt until I reach the time and finally ready to say I'm RETIRED.

But who knows? To  the place I am going, I might write the same story. Who knows that I might go back to the island sooner. Who knows.....

All I leave to HIM, I know HE plans everything. I know He knows the right timing. He knows whats best for me. To my LORD, I TRUST, I DEPEND and I SURRENDER.  I leave you my life, myself, and my decisions. I leave you everything. To you my GOD, be the GLORY.

Thanks. Now its your time to tell your story. Time to say thank you, to the people you're with. Its your time, Its your call... You may not have all the time in your life to do this things, so while you have, do it. Dont take it for granted. Remember the people around you and the goodness you shared together.

To you who read this THANK YOU!!!
Peace on Earth!!!
Have Fun and Be Thankful everyone....

January 14, 2011

Why Blog?

Mahirap talaga pag nagkukunwari kang blogger o writer (i dont even consider myself both) kasi madalas pa sa lage (ano daw?) na wala kang maisip na ideya para sa panibagong post. Kaya puro kaepalan na lang ang napopost masabi lang na may entry. Haist. Di naman kasi ako pinanganak na magaling magsulat. I was just born to be the "cutest guy in my mothers eyes". O, walang kokontra, ang aangal tutubuan ng pink pigsa sa pwet.

 Taong 2009 nang magsimula ako sa pag-blog. Nagsimula sa friendster taz sa facebook and then dito na. Sa FS medyo okey din naman, naenjoy ko naman ang pagsusulat don. Ganun din naman sa facebook. Pero between FS and FB mas ok ang FB kasi nacucustumize mo yong mga notes mo. Yong di mababasa ng mga taong di karapat dapat magbasa hhahahah. Pero dito sa blogger, mas naenjoy ko. Feeling ko kasi mas napepersonalize ko ang blogs dito plus nakakatuwa na kahit panu may nagfofolow sayu. Oh dibey ang babaw lang. Mas mababaw pa sa river sa dibdib ng peking duck. I even had the chance knowing new batch of friends who shares the same interest in blogging. Kaya ayun nadagdagan ang FB friends ko kasi binalandra ko ang FB ko sa blogger using that "FB Badge". At least di ba sa blogospher at Fb ko sila na meet at di ko na kailangan magtanong ng pamatey na "HU U?" Kunting browse lang sa profiles then voila may prospect ka na !nyahahahaha..

I was askin myself tungaks kianusap ko sarili ko kung bakit ako nagkakainteres sa pag-blog. Bukod sa likas na tsismoso at makibalita sa buhay ng may buhay, minsan nga kahit sa patay.Ano nga ba ang mga rason at bakit nakahiligan ko ang magblog at magbasa ng blog. Syempre, as usual wala na naman akong naisagot sa mga tanong ko sa sarili ko. Naisip ko kasi, pag sinagot ko ang sarili kong tanong baka isipin nyong isa't kalahating baliw ako. Hindi ako baliw FYI!!! Basilio, Crispin... nasan na kayo? May ka-eyeball na naman ba kayo?Kaya para di na ako mahirapan, kayo na lang ang tatanungin ko: 

Bakit ka nagba-blog?

January 8, 2011

genius daw ako (sabi ni titser Pink Panty)

malamang lahat naman tayo ay napagdaanan yong pagkakataon na gustong gusto mo mag post ng isang entry pero ayaw gumana ng utak mo. as if gumana na tong akin. Yong tipong kahit me ideya ka na sa magiging takbo ng istorya nito ay di alam ko pano gawin o sisimulan. anak ng holy parrot na pink naman oh!!!

gaya ng pagkakataong ito. wala talaga akong maiisip kunwari naman nag-iisip at kung meron man di ko alam kung pano at saan sisimulan. namputcha. ayaw makisama ng madumi kong utak. OO may utak naman ako, may brain naman ako, at may mind naman ako. bilib nga ang titser ko sa elemtary noon eh. sabi nya genius daw ako. napaka green minded ko daw, and for a period of time, (mga 5 hours siguro kasi pagdating ko ng bahay tinanong ko si inang reyna), pinaniwalaan ko yon. na genius ako, dahil green minded ako. And when I finally realized ang ibig nyang sabihin, powtekz napahiya ako sa sarili ko. Pero ok lang, araw araw ko naman syang nasisilipan tuwing umaga sa 1st subject namin. Science class yon. at alam ko ang paburito nyang kulay ng undies, pink hahahaha.  Kala nya ha!!! kaganti na ako ng di nya alam LOL. One time nga sa subrang inis ko sa kanya dahil binato nya ako ng eraser dahil nakikipag kwentuhan ako sa seatmate ko, actually pinag uusapan namin panty nya hahahah, drinawing ko sya habang nakaupo sya sa harap namin at syempre pa ang nasa drawing kita pa din panty nya hahahaha. kulet much!!!

lahat na yata ng mga alam kong kaparaanan para gumana tong brain damaged ko eh ginawa ko. Nakinig ng music, nag kulong sa cr at nag j****, nagbasa ng porno magz, nag meditate na mga hubad na katawan ang nakikita. Kulang na lang eh mag isplit at tumambling tambling. oh mah brain! Pero ganun pa man ,okey pa din kasi medyo mahaba haba pa din ang naisulat ko sa walang kwentang entry na to. success? hmmmm

bago pa man kayu mabagot sa post ko, tatapusin ko na at mag-iiwan ng isang walang kabuluhanang tanong para sa lahat.  NASILIPAN/NABOSOHAN MO BA SI TITSER NOON?

PS: kung sakaling nabosohan mo ang titser mo, ano ang paboritong kulay ng undies nya? ma-bacon din ba? (magkakalaman na!!!)

ang post na ito ay walang intensyon para mabastos ang mga nirerespeto nating mga guro. Katuwaan lang at naikwento ko lang ang aking dakilang kalokohan.

January 2, 2011


2011. Whats in store for us?

Sa pagtiklop ng huling pahina ng taong 2010, marami rami din ang mga nangyari sa kanya kanya nating buhay. Ang bawat araw na nagdaan, ay naging parte ng isang taong libro ng ating buhay. Isang librong puno ng kwento at sanay pati aral. Librong pagdating ng panahon ay ating babalikan at sasariwain ang mga nangyari, na humubog sa ating pagkatao. Librong magsasabi kung anong klaseng indibidwal tayo sa taong 2010.

Sa pagpasok ng taong 2011, panibagong libro ang ating gagawin. Sa ngayon ang mahigit tatlong daang pahina ay blangko at wala pang kwento ngunit sa bawat araw at gabing magdadaan, paniguradong ang bawat pahina nito ay magkakalaman at magkakaroon ng kwento. Kwentong tayo ang magsusulat. Sa kahit anong mangyari, maganda mo o maaring hindi, tagumpay man o kabiguan, sa katatawanan at maging sa iyakan ang lahat ng ito ay magiging parte ng libro. Libro na ang bawat pahina ay  may dalang kwento . Librong magsasabi kung sino at anong klaseng tao tayo.

Gaya nyo, ako din naman ay gagawa ng sarili kong libro. Tayong lahat ay gagawa kwento. Maaring may pagkakatulad pero hindi sa lahat ng bagay. Maaring mas maganda ang kwento mo o maaring akin ,pero, ang pinakamahalaga sa lahat, nawa'y ang bawat kwento natin ay nakapulutan natin ng aral at kapupulutan ng aral ng mga taong nakapaligid sa atin.

Maaring sa ngayon may kanya kanyang ideya na tayo kung anong klaseng libro at kwento ang maaring ilikha, sana lang, sa bawat pahina nito wag kalimutan ang pagiging isang mabuting anak, kapatid, kaibigan, magulang  at higit sa lahat mabuting anak ng dakilang maylikha at nawa'y pagdating ng panahon na babasahin na natin ang kwento ng ating buhay, may galak at ngiti sa ating labi ang masilayan.

Sa lahat isang masaganang taon ng twenti eleben.
World peace everyone!! at Pilipinas lumaban ka!!