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September 26, 2009

isang linggong pag-ibig este pahinga

  • whew just got back from one week time off from work. Had done so many things and yet that one week is not enough...
  • Had a blast with my fathers shrimp sinigang, though I do have allergies having those shrimps but I enjoyed it.Missed it so much.The last one I guess was almost a year ago. What I hate is the itchiness and rashes all over me after eating those.
  • I had also visited my mothers grave. I guess its more than three months when I paid my last visit to the most important woman in my life. A woman that had a great influence and really had a great part of what I am today. Not just a woman, not just a mother but my hero. She will be assured of my love even though we're not together. Someday we will be together and hear together the sweet music in the sweet paradise.
  • Visited also the Cathedral. In this, I spend my special connection with God wave back in college, This is our meeting place. This is his house that every time I came I feel I'm welcome and this is the place where I'm free to have a silent cry. This is also the place where I leave my worries after having those silent cries and at the same time this is the place where I celebrate alone when i graduated in college. And it made me smile when I remember those pretty cool things.
  • Had two new ear piercings. Its been a long time that I really wanted to. Now I had three ear piercing and every pierce has its own reasons. All happy reasons all will always remind me of things I wanted to do. As my father had seen it, he found it not cool but he was not mad. Maybe if i did tell him the reasons of each ear piecing, he would appreciate it more. Had visited a tattoo artist to have one but back out the last minute. I guess I was not ready yet for a tattoo. Maybe in the future.
  • Had visited the Aeta community in Bolabog here in Boracay. They were actually the original settlers of the island, but look where they are right now. Displaced. Its pretty good thing that there are good people who manage to look for their welfare. Now they have their own community to call their own where they had erected their Homes. Mind you guys, Homes not houses. What I enjoyed most is the contest they had. A acting contest. They too can act and they too had talents. One more thing that It made me happy is when I help the Sisters giving stuffs to this Aeta. Rice, noddles, sardines, eggs, milk, coffee and more where handed to this people. How nice to see their faces with a bright smiles.
  • Been in my GG's house and spend time together with her family and friends. Its not always that we do this thing because she used to be in Manila for work. Wednesday was here birthday and turned out to be her college barkadas reunion. Its nice to see faces that I haven't seen a long time.
  • Also been in my cousin Dex and titas birthday which also turned out to be a reunion. Had seen my titas coming from Manila and my cousins that I haven't seen for a quite sometime. That was one of the most happiest day we share together. Had trekked the mountain and also swam in the river. Feels like I was like in my childhood days which I missed so much. I missed climbing trees, I missed running in the fields, missed kites, missed the carabao's and cows. Missed the countryside living.
  • And finally, I had finished the two books that had been in me for a pretty long time. Learned new things about this books and killed my spare time.
  • Been a reader in a church Eucharistic celebration, I'm actually the first reader. Meet my Household members after the mass and had our weekly household and bonded and talk so many things after. Its really nice talking to this SFC guys because we all have different views on a particular things. I learned a lot from them and I'm still learning from them.
  • Had a normal life for one week. Slept at night and also slept at day. For almost five years I had been working on a graveyard shift and it made me realized that I missed sleeping at night. Well, maybe soon. Very soon.
  • I had done so many things but i dont want to type it here. A bit tired. But really, had done so many things and that one week is not enough. Now I know how cool to be a tambay. Because they can do whatever they want. Kaya pala daming tambay ngayon. Baka balang araw ang pagiging tambay ay profession na di hihihi

September 11, 2009

there are things better left unsaid

It has always been my attitude to speak my mind. As long as i believe that what I know is right I will say it. More so if its true. Lately, I am trying to balance things out. I had been very vocal ever since, most especially to to people I am close with (thats what I believe so). But lately I had realized that because Im so vocal and speaking my mind I had been subject to criticsm, and worst, the worst critic is me. Somehow no matter how good your intention is, we still have to consider other peoples feelings to avoid conflicts. And somehow, there are things that are left better unsaid.

To make things clear to the followers of my blogsite, let me share you an experience. Much that I am concern to some of my friends (or should I say so called friends for I dont know if they consider me as one) I tell them directly and indirectly, that at some point their lazy attitude is severly affecting people around them. I did it out of concern to a friend and nothing more. I did it for I believe its the right thing. Though I am not sure if they get my point 0f telling them what is the real scenario, still I took a risk of telling them because its the truth and it would be helpful if they wil just take it. I had seen that somehow, the person understand, but just at the moment. The next day, things changed. And its sad. I did not regret of telling them what is true though I know that they want to hear something else. But im not the type of person that will say only what they want to hear, more so if its not true. Im not born to be a mambobola just make the person better. I dont feel better making people feeling good out of bola techniques. I would rather suffer the consequence of telling what I know is right that making them feel good out of foolishness.

Now I am trying to be balanced as far as I could. I am trying to weigh things before saying to a person, more so if that person is full of prides and egos. Even though it means less concern to them but I guess, I it is still out of concern why I am trying to avoid of hurting their prides and egos.

Hopefuly they realized it themselves, what went wrong and what had gone bad. If that time comes, that would mean a sweet vindication. A sweet victory not for me but for themselves, for they had grown mature and had overcome something in them.