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September 11, 2009

there are things better left unsaid

It has always been my attitude to speak my mind. As long as i believe that what I know is right I will say it. More so if its true. Lately, I am trying to balance things out. I had been very vocal ever since, most especially to to people I am close with (thats what I believe so). But lately I had realized that because Im so vocal and speaking my mind I had been subject to criticsm, and worst, the worst critic is me. Somehow no matter how good your intention is, we still have to consider other peoples feelings to avoid conflicts. And somehow, there are things that are left better unsaid.

To make things clear to the followers of my blogsite, let me share you an experience. Much that I am concern to some of my friends (or should I say so called friends for I dont know if they consider me as one) I tell them directly and indirectly, that at some point their lazy attitude is severly affecting people around them. I did it out of concern to a friend and nothing more. I did it for I believe its the right thing. Though I am not sure if they get my point 0f telling them what is the real scenario, still I took a risk of telling them because its the truth and it would be helpful if they wil just take it. I had seen that somehow, the person understand, but just at the moment. The next day, things changed. And its sad. I did not regret of telling them what is true though I know that they want to hear something else. But im not the type of person that will say only what they want to hear, more so if its not true. Im not born to be a mambobola just make the person better. I dont feel better making people feeling good out of bola techniques. I would rather suffer the consequence of telling what I know is right that making them feel good out of foolishness.

Now I am trying to be balanced as far as I could. I am trying to weigh things before saying to a person, more so if that person is full of prides and egos. Even though it means less concern to them but I guess, I it is still out of concern why I am trying to avoid of hurting their prides and egos.

Hopefuly they realized it themselves, what went wrong and what had gone bad. If that time comes, that would mean a sweet vindication. A sweet victory not for me but for themselves, for they had grown mature and had overcome something in them.

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