Are you one of us?

August 17, 2012


this week had been so busy kaya medyu dyeta ako sa internet. medyo madaming mga nangyari, may maganda at may di masyadong maganda, may masaya at may mga nakakaba, may drama, may komedya, may aksyon at iba pa.

Yeah, twas last Saturday, August 11, 2012 at around 12 mn, I finally experienced yong isang bagay na ayoko maexperience dito sa metro, ang mahold-up sakay ng isang jeep. It lasted for almost only 15 mins yet that was the longest 15 min in my life. Anong sinabi ng 15 mins mong pakikipag niig sa eksenang ikaw ang tinutusok tusok ng kutsilyo sa tagiliran mo at yong tipong nanginginig nginig ka, hindi dahil sa kiliti o sarap kundi sa takot, at yung tipong yong kasama mo ay naunang nilabasan, yun nga lang ng mapangnhing sumthin? LELs shame on those people 3 of them na di hamak na mas malaki at malakas sa amin pero ayaw magtrabaho at magbanat ng buto para kumita sa matino at legal na paraan. Shame on them for robbing not just our things but creating an experience so traumatic that Im now scared every time I ride in a jeep specially at night. Shame on them that every time I see people, the way they move and look like them, I tend to think they might be another set of people that might do something bad. Shame on them, but so sorry for those people I think bad something about. Di ko naman nilalahat, I know there are bunch of good people there, So sorry, for I know that a person should not be judge as to how they look like, what they wear, how big they are. Im just now a bit careful because of that not so good experience, I know eventually Ill learn to trust people that look like them and I know I could get over to it soon. As much as I condemn what they did, theres a part of me that I am thankful of the experience I had for, I learn new things as to how I should act, behave and deal for a scenario of that kind. As I shared this to my friends and people Im closed with, I get so many pieces of advice, and told me more modus of this kind of people. I just hope that that would be the last time I encounter such experience. I just missed Boracay more and its people now. :-) but it doesnt mean Im not happy here in the metro. This is life. kelangan lumaban, makisabay at makipag karerahan pero di ibig sabihin non may karapatan tayong apakan ang iba.

At work I feel like I was a bit lazy the whole week. Though I delivered as what had been expected from me by my superior yet I still feel may kulang. Good thing lang that yesterday, friday, we were not so busy so we help pack relief goods for the flood victims in Cavite area. The company's foundation will give at least 3000 packs of goods to flood victims.But more than the goods the foundation will distribute is my wish and prayers to those victims that they will recover the soonest possible time and get back to their normal and happy life.

Long Weekend
This is the very first time that I will experience the long weekend. After working under Hotel Operations for almost 7 years in Boracay, Im now starting to enjoy  my weekends and holidays. working at the back office or on finance side is more mentally draining but fulfilling yet I might still consider working again in the Operations as I learned and had the opportunity meeting different kind of people. I missed the weekends and holidays in Boracay  where this is the time that we are most busy and now Im at the comfort of my room doing nothing. Well this is life. Whatever we get we should know how to be happy.

till next time folks....


  1. ouch. good thing you weren't harmed. okay na yung maging judgemental para safe. :)

  2. thanks hustin. yeah buti na lang. still guided by HIM

  3. woah! so scary naman nun... buti nalang ur safe, kahit 15mins lang po yun, but that 15mins will stay for the rest of your life.

    pity those who earn living in illegal way! >:/

  4. gud thing you're safe at di ka sinaksak or whatever. God bless