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August 28, 2009

some are really lucky

Friday night, 7:00 pm, I woke up because I got a message in my phone. I remember that we had our scheduled household at 8:00 pm at Bro. Dave's House. I heard Nilo and Lemuel calling outside my room . I let them go to Bro Dave's house since Randy is waiting at King Fisher farm and I am a bit worried to this brother since its dark at that place. I let them go ahead of me and i decided to just follow them after.

When I get to bro Dave's house, we had a short practice with some songs and then we started our activity. After the activity, we had our sharing. Whoow, I get to know more about this people. I get to know more about their lives. Nilo shared what he been through. Its hard, really hard. I admired this brother for the courage he had. He is a real survivor in every sense. Some brother also shared about what they've been through. Wow everyone has its own struggles in life. Everyone has it concerns. Everyone has problems that when you just look at them with your two bare eyes, you wont even suspect that somehow they are suffering. Its really good that in the community, we had our sharing from time to time. We had bunch of counselors that would always offer a sensitive and encouraging ideas. Lucky is me to be in this community.

Somehow, I get to ask what would be the benefit of sharing what you had been through in life? Well, first, to inspire others, inspire them of the stories and shared them the lesson you had learned while dealing on the problems. It is also a chance of sharing your burdens with other people. Its always nice and relief is felt when you know someone is listening to you. One benefit also of sharing your concerns is that you make other people realize that they are not just alone in the world having such concerns. Somehow its really good to know na hindi ka nag-iisa.
Hopefully, every concerns with this brothers will be addressed soon. Not in our own time but in God's time. Sooner, things will fall into its perfect place. In God we surrender all.

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