Are you one of us?

October 13, 2009


Hiatus. That's what I had been through lately. Distracted. Lost to somewhere I don't know. Lost again with myself. I thought I know myself well when it comes to handling problems. But then, of what I been through lately, I know myself more. I am human, I succeed, I failed, and I gut hurt. I deal too much of what people talk against me, too many talks and nasty rumors. And what's worse is I gave in and give up to such and ended me as looser. But before it was too late, thanks God I had woke up and pulled out the inner strength i need. I had pick-up those broken pieces caused by nonsense rumors. Why should I deal too much of that?

With what had happened lately, I realized and learned too many things. That I am not in control of other peoples opinions. That there's nothing I can do if that's what they think about me. That the only one I can do is respect their opinion for them to respect mine. Yes, we are not in control of our environment. We are not in control of the people around us and we are not in control on how they formulate their opinions, nasty or not.

If we live our life on what people will say, we would end up unhappy and stressed. We should live our lives the way we want it to be, no matter what people will say. At the end of the day, its not the question of their life, its your life after all. Whether you live your life as to what they say or live it by your own way, still, they will have something to say. So why bother of those. Step up and live up and be happy.


  1. wohaa, dwelling too much into it could only make you stressed & sick! sharing to you this short but a very meaningful message "d Dog doesnt bark if he knows d person!" gotch it?!

    So be it, just pray, leave everything to Him, & BE HAPPY! XOXO!


  2. yep. you're ryt pards. tbx and miss yah

  3. hmmm... we can't please everybody... Please mo na lang si God para laging panalo!

    Smile ka lang and pray...

  4. yah right, we cant please everybody, yun yong realidad ng buhay. ano man gawin mo, mabuti o masama may sasabihin pa din ang ibang tao