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November 23, 2009

Thy will be done

like a roller coaster ride. that's how i can describe the experiences I have lately. too many distractions, too many challenges, too many trials and also too many triumphs, too many victories and too many blessings.....

I had suffered from what they call a "writers block". Its been almost a month that I had my last blog entry. I had so many things to share. I had too many news to tell but I guess at the moment, I am not really in the mood to write. Oh God. I need an inspiration, but nevertheless I'll give you some idea of whats it all about...

Much that I want to share everything, but there are topics that I need to keep it by myself. So whats the sense of this blog if I cant share it? nothing I just want to update my site hahahaha. I cant share things now for I'm still on the process of making things fall into its place. At the moment, things are falling apart and I am soliciting for your prayers. Please pray for me and for us. Please pray for SFC and please pray for my friends. Everyone is on a test, everyone is on a trial. We are all on a probationary period. We are on the purification process as my sister in Christ say so, and I agreed with her.

I am keeping my faith that everything will be settled. I know it will, not on the time I want but in God's time. Theres a lesson to learn in all of these. theres a reason behind on whats happening. And theres love after all of this...

I keep on praying and my faith is in God.

Thy Will be done

O Lord

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