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December 18, 2009

I survived

As the year comes to an end, I had this mixed emotions. Happy, and still on the process of absorbing things that I guess happened too fast, too fast maybe because I give so much time to something that I tend to forget that life just don't revolve in a particular challenge, if there are challenges there are too many blessings. Life has a lot of surprises. It has a lot of twist.

But I guess, what I could really not forget are those things that help me defined as a person. I had been subjected to baseless judgement, which I guess everyone had been through. At some point the image that I had tried to protect was somehow tainted because of nasty rumors. But everything happens for a reason. I had learned to define myself well and composed according to the standard of being refined individual person. I was also subjected to character assasination. It work somehow. It get me distracted but luckily I won over it. I had developed my sense of focus and I had believed in myself this time that I never imagined before. I had a very low self esteem but because of what had happened I am now a person who overcome my weaknesses.

This year, I had determine my weakness. Thankful to the workshops I had attended and thankful to the brothers and sisters in my christian community for I had learned too much from each of them. Because of them I honestly and fully understand myself as a unique person. Weak and vulnerable. As they say, it requires courage before a person would finally acknowledge he is weak and imperfect. As Fr. Adlai says, you will never correct your wrongdoings if you don't have the humility to accept that you are wrong. Admission is a plays an important role.It all starts in here. As I had accepted and determine my weakness, I had done my best to overcome most if not all of it. I had overcome those because I admit to myself that I am weak, imperfect and vulnerable.

And I guess the best thing I learned this year is, despite all the bad things happened in my life, there is so many blessing that I should be thankful about. Those bad things were just spices in my challenging life. It helps me entertained, otherwise I get bored. All things happened had contributed a great plot in my life story. My life had lots of twists. Many unexpected things happened that makes my life more interesting, its a no boring life story. Maybe ten years from now and reading this entry, it will make me cry, cry in appreciation that God was so good to me despite of my imperfection. He is the Loving God that had never ask conditions for him to love and showered me with his enormous blessings.

for all the good and bad things happened, blessings and challenges I'm giving all the glory to my God. In his mighty name, I SURVIVED!!!

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  1. hhhmmm.... been busy??? nothing new on your blog eh. me too! can't seem to finish what i started! hay naku!