Are you one of us?

December 28, 2010

assassins of dreams

Remember the days when you're still a kid? Remember that once, you had dreamed so much not even thinking if those will come true? That all you've got to do is dream and "believe" that such will happen in its due time? FLASHBACK. Remember yourself when you were just no-one but a dreamer. No-one but a kid. Yet that dreamer and that kid, had so much FAITH and HOPE in his heart, that whatever we dreamed of, will eventually come true.

FASTFORWARD. Now, just now, do we still had that FAITH and HOPE in our hearts that whatever we dreamed of, and of those that we are going to dreamed of, will come true? Or do we still dream of something for us? Do we still dare to dream of even moving the mountains? Truth is, as we aged, we dreamed only what we can achieved. We dream of what is easily achievable of what we have at present. We dreamed, according to our capacity. The faith and hope had faded if not gone.

Realistic perhaps would be our best defense. We dreamed of whats easily achievable. Was that really being real or was that just part of losing courage? Oh yeah, courage. Courage can do much. Dream on. Have courage to dream on. And if you had the courage, dont forget to also have a courage to work for it. We still have to work for our dreams to be it real. "A dream without work will just be a wish".

As 2010 is bidding its goodbye, may we welcome 2011 with courage and fulfillment of our individual dreams. May everything we wish for and everthing we dreamed of, will turn into reality. Thats of course if we work for it. Lets all dream and lets all work. Lets all be happy.

Happy New Year everyone and World Peace!!!


  1. if we simplify our expectations.. then we will be a kid.. who thinks everything is achievable.. but a kid...who's happy with small simple things.. so let's not expect too much to this world..

    thanks for the optimism.

  2. happy new year din...

  3. stop dreaming and you die period. be kid at heart forever.Its good.