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December 26, 2010

chronicles of 2010

Whatta year it has been!!!

The three hundred sixty plus something days is almost over and as every day passes one-by-one, it had created stories, memories and dramas. 2010 was not an easy year, yet it is not also the worst. Too many things had happened and too many stories it created. Since day 1 of 2010 to this date, it had been like a roller coaster journey. Somehow I reach the highest point of my life, being happiest and more comfortable of what I have and for who I am. I get more mature and I get to define myself of whom I want to be and what I want to be.

2010 had test me as a person. It teach me to get more mature and adapt to many things easily. The constant change in almost everything, from career, to lovelife, to family relationships, to getting more friends and knowing each of them among others. CHANGE played a big part of teaching me, what I want and what I dont. I had started composing my life and had refocused much that I reviewed everything that had happened from 2010 and even backwards.

I will be forever gratefull to 2010, It MADE me someone I did not realize before. I may had reach the rock bottom of my life but difinitely I had bounce back twice as how deep I had been. Now, ME had the courage in facing 2011 and geared of what I had been through. in life Here I am, a survivor of 2010 in my own right. I will never be a castaway of my life ,for I will always be the "star" and main character of my own story....

Happy New Year everyone!!!
Much Love and another WORLD PEACE for planet EARTH!!!


  1. madame talaga nangyayari sa life natin.... na may reason bakit nga ba sila nangyayari.. na-momold yung pagkatao natin dahil sa lahat ng maliliit o malalaking bagay... hahahah...

    yey... new years na... happy new year din sayo.

  2. yeryt buddy.... salamat sa pagdaan sa denguerous blog..... happy 2011 sayu....

  3. It was a dangerous year for me including may family.but im thankful because we monther,brother and 2 niecez were been on an accident last March and myself in October.God is Awesome our protecter.

  4. @DR- what had happened in you and your family calls for a celebration. A celebration of life!!! God Bless you and your family. Happy 2011