Are you one of us?

June 21, 2011

Noon, Ngayon at Bukas

Noon Masaya ako sa tuwing nakikita ka. Di tayo magkakilala. Kahit sabihing marami tayong common friends pero we never had a chance to introduce ourselves to each other. Im into a relationship then, I dont know if you too, perhaps you are since have this thing na "you got it all" package deal ika nga. Kaya nga siguro di kita pinapansin noon kahit alam kong tumitibok-tibok si hearty ko sa tuwing nakikita ka, kasi nag-aalangan ako. Somehow and at some unexpected places, we're introduced twice by our common friends. First was when we bump on you from a supermarket. Yeah, masaya ako non, subrang masaya. I could even remember vividly what you're wearing at that time, even the way you reach my hand for a handshake, and even the way you say goodbye when we finally parted our ways. Adik na pero "kinilig" ako that time. Akala ko high school lang ang kinikilig pero hindi pala. You had your way of making me kilig. The second was when Im on my way home with another friend from a dinner, 'twas not so dark night, just in front of a laundry shop, lights from a nearby bar and establishements adds a romantic feel, kilig mode again. We just talk a bit and again we bade our goodbyes. I had just know that you're not better at that time. I had just know that theres something wrong in your health and I worried. OA pero thats true. And everytime I see you somewhere, di mo ko pinapansin. It makes me sad, really sad. I just told myself that you really don like me huh!.. Okey, if you dont, I wont forced myself. Who is me? Im just an acquintance, right?

NGAYON We finally know each other for a quite sometime now. You know my name na, unlike before na lagi mo nakakalimutan. Nagtetext ka na din at napapatawag pa  minsan. We hang out and we talk anything. Nagagawa na nating mag-asaran. Kilig pa din ako pag naglalambing ka. We do things that is not normally done by FRIENDS. Yeah, were just friend. Kasi naman you came late. When I was at my lowest point in my life, 'twas when me and my ex decided to end up our seven years of being together, I look for some friends. I ran to them and I never thought of you. We're just acquintance then, right?And finally, I had found a friend who offered shoulder to cry on, an ear who listens to a melodramatic me, A friends who help me regained my composure. A person who taught and help bring back the old me. And since then, we had been together as best of friends, yes best and true friends. Circumstances and the constant outing we had taught the person to fall for me.. And yes, we are still togethere until now, as friends and I want to remained it that way. And now, I almost see you every now and then. We spend much time that I tend to forget that I might be hurting someone because of being so close to you. Yeah, that person got jealous of you. And you too got jealous of that same person. It makes me sad and my life is so complicated. I dont want to lose you my friend and I dont to hurt the person who give my life back. Ang gulo ko, ang gulo natin. Bakit ganon?

BUKAS I really dont know whats in store for all of us. I hope that everything will just fall into its right places. I hope things would be as fine as before. I hope. I hope We all realize the value of friendship. We are all friends. All of us, the three of us. Please let us remained it that way......


  1. dont get involve with somebody na attached :-)

    enjoy singlehood while u are single.

  2. ay,selosan,it means may ibang pagtingin sa iyo ang mga ito? am i right? ienjoy mo na lang ang company nila...baka nagpapakita ka ng motibo,hahahaha

  3. @abou- both are friend and its better that way. its just that some actions are misinterpreted :-(

    @Mark- wala pa ngang pinapakita eh... pano na lang pag merun? :-D