Are you one of us?

July 4, 2011


May pagkakataon bang naramdaman mong lagi ka na lang nami-misinterpret ng mga taong nakapaligid sayo? Thats exactly my delimma at the moment, or perhaps its me who misinterpret things around me. Why oh why lantang gulay.

I really dont know why people loves to make stories out of something that is purely based on assumptions. Prejudice? Perhaps not. It all started out with a plain and simple status update in Mr. Zuckerbergs famous website, and before I know it, there had been malicious and fabricated stories circulating around. And to make the story more interisting than it really is, they make me the main subject aka bida and at the same time kontrabida. Homaygawd, dual role. 

Much that I would want to clear things out, make another status update for clariffication, I just decided not to, hence I dont want to be mis-interpreted again and forget those thing even it is a bit hard. I must admit, I was affected of such, but whats more important is I, myself know whats true.

Plain and simple, we all have our way of understanding people. We all have our way of knowing what they want us to know. But more than that, RESPECT should always be present so, we too, would gain their respect that we think we deserve.

Ikaw, had your status update in Facebook had been misinterpreted?


  1. tama. we all have different way of understanding people.... RESPECT really matters a lot.. :))

  2. Ako lagi kong nararamadaman na namimisinterpret ako ng malapit sakin, ang aking pamilya hahahahaha.. kebs lang... as for you, kung sino yung nakakamisinterpret sa iyo, atleast kilala mo na kung sino ang tao na yun diba, and tama ka, respect nalang diba, wag mong patulan.

  3. @jess---yeah. no one is exactly the same. we are individually different :-)

    @mark-ganun talaga ang buhay. mas me tama ka "kebs"lang talaga hahahaha