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October 24, 2011

apples and lemons

just when I gave up something I wanted,
just when I thought that I'm perfectly fine now,
just when I embrace the fact that I'm meant to be in the place I am now, BORACAY
and just when I finally love the work, the island, my colleagues, my routine that I once consider my self made prison....

And then, here's the opportunity Ive been waiting for so long. Long enough that I learned to accept and believe that some things isn't really meant for us.

Discernment. Oh God help me. Should I or should I not. Now I'm torn between two great things I both wanted. The thing that I prayed and ask long time ago. And because it takes a while before I finally got the answer, I learned the art of patience and learned making lemonades, since I receive lots of lemons, though I ask for apples. And just when I finally love lemons and lemonades, here comes the freshest apple right in my doorstep....

Back to square one. I'm the luckiest soul now that I had these options and opportunities. If I could only take them both, but I know I cant. I cant  and I wont be greedy like those politicians. I wanted both lemon and apple. But I need to choose one. 

Now I'm praying....
Apples or lemons?...
Help, your son needs YOU again this time.
and thank you for the lemons and apples.


  1. I choose Apple! hahaha nanguna,hehe

  2. If I choose apple, I will be in Manila, If not I will always be an islander :-)