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August 22, 2009

SFC Household

Yippee, we had our first household meeting together with our new batch of SFC. It was in Nilo's pad. We had discussions after and I was so thankful that I am with the group full of ideas. I was absent actually when the groupings is made, and I feel so lucky that the group I am with is the same group i handled during their training. It's a group I am truly proud of. As their Discussion Group Leader during their training, I learned many things from them and I hope they too learned from me.

We started at around 8:00 and ended past 11:00 pm. Reported to work thirty minutes late. (hehehehe). its a new set-up, hence Bro Dave had secured a manual for the household training, we discussed the first module. Its a very healthy discussion hence everyone really had great inputs. Amazing ideas. Whew. Had learned so much this night.

We also shared some personal concerns. Exchanged views on some current situations. Had shared a little something from our personal lifes So great and so true. everyone is participating. Everyone is inspiring. I'm looking forward for the next Household meeting.

And ooh.. before I forget, I should thank Nilo for the pizza. till next time bro. And speaking of food, let me share to you guys what I did to Nilo. hahahaha I actually ask him if he got what we need. He said yes. So i followed it up if he got food for us. He said ano ba dapat para makabili na sya? The pasaway in me strikes again.I ask him, where you not informed na hindi pwede yong binibili, kelangan luto nya. hahahaha. i lough my ass out when he replied, hindi', anu ba yan anung oras na pupunta pa ako talipapa at magluto after. haays. I said its okey, i was just kidding. So ending he got pizza for us. Thanks again bro.

The attendance:

Bro. Dave

Bro. Jun

Bro. Nilo

Bro. Randy

Bro. Lemuel

and yours truly

till next time bros...

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