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January 17, 2011

My Boracay Story

Some things come to an end. People come and go. This time, as its not yet over and I have still much time to share you my Bora story I would like to say THANK YOU to the people dear to me, to those I consider strangers at first, because I am just no one and nobody when I had my first step in Boracay's powder white sand beach years ago. To those strangers that eventually I called friends. That same people who I shared laughter and crying moments. To the people I work with, which some are considered to be real friends, super friends, best friends and some just simply friends. People who I met while simply having my morning walk, those met when I had my late lunch and dinner, those whom I meet in Gimik places and those that I cant even remember. The island is filled with good people, some I personally know, some I dont. I will be forever thankful to everyone.

To the powder white sand beach of Boracay, whom I seek comfort to its white powdery sand and its pristine waters when Im away from my family, which also in so many ways had been a silent witness when I silently cried to its crystal clear water pretending that I just swimming alone. Nobody would even care when you're done swimming and your eyes turned beet red. Thats is always a perfect excuse, just dont let those precious tears run down if somebody ask you if you cried. Memories that is. Boracay that is.

I might say that I had enough of Boracay. Its also safe to say that I had experience most, if not all this island has to offer. This I will be forever be proud of, working in one of the most beautiful island of the world and enjoying everything it has to offer. Its like working and playing. Meeting different people and knowing their cultures. Chit chats with them that everytime I get amazed with their stories about how proud they are of their countries, much as proud that they had been in Boracay. As on my part, I never failed to tell that I am true blooded Aklanon, a filipino which is very obvious, and tell them some of our cultures and traditions. I also take pride to tell to them, that there are many good places in the country aside from Boracay. As a whole the Philippines, our country is filled with many good people which I always believe that us, FILIPINOS will always be its best asset to attract more tourist. I take pride doing this things, because I'm a self proclaimed ambassador of my country even in my little capacity. It had been my silent advocacy. I will miss doing these things later or anytime soon, but one thing is for sure, wherever I go and whenever I get an oppurtunity to promote the Philippines I will always take pride doing it.

The line "What happens in Bora, stays in Bora" may not work for me. Because everything that happenned in me needs to be shared.  Everything, good or bad, is great story that deserve to be told. I learned from everything, from everyone.

As a new chapter in my life will unfold, I am starting to look back at myself since I first stepped in this Island. I was just an innocent 20 year old young man hoping to get a job and help my family. After seven years, it was just like yesterday, and I need to move on, move forward, and create a new life, a new me. So much better than that 20 year old innocent man years ago. 

I hate the fact and the feeling that sooner I might leave this place. I hate that I can't stay in this Island for life. I hate the fact that despite it is the perfect place to retire for me, I am still too young for it, and I still need to work my butt until I reach the time and finally ready to say I'm RETIRED.

But who knows? To  the place I am going, I might write the same story. Who knows that I might go back to the island sooner. Who knows.....

All I leave to HIM, I know HE plans everything. I know He knows the right timing. He knows whats best for me. To my LORD, I TRUST, I DEPEND and I SURRENDER.  I leave you my life, myself, and my decisions. I leave you everything. To you my GOD, be the GLORY.

Thanks. Now its your time to tell your story. Time to say thank you, to the people you're with. Its your time, Its your call... You may not have all the time in your life to do this things, so while you have, do it. Dont take it for granted. Remember the people around you and the goodness you shared together.

To you who read this THANK YOU!!!
Peace on Earth!!!
Have Fun and Be Thankful everyone....


  1. kala ko pa naman pagpumunta ka ng bora puro enjoyment nasa isip.. pero may learnings din pala ano...

  2. nice post :) tama. To God be the Glory! :)
    apir tayu jan :)

  3. @Kiko-- kung bakasyon at bakasyon lang din naman ang punta mo sa Boracay, I guess its perfect, but when you are planning to stay long? theres more to it beyond the usual party people/place, beyond the white beach.

    Nowitski--bumawi sa nakakahiyang post last time hihihih

  4. pwede pa din tayo maging ambassador ng ating bansa saan man tayo mapadpad.


  5. yerayt abou :-) wherever we go....