Are you one of us?

January 24, 2011


Two scenic road ahead of you. Both is as fair as the other and promises a good journey. You're destined to go somewhere you had planned, and just when you are about to start a journey you think you've been wanted for so long, you find yourself in a crossroad.

Options, somehow make it so hard, but no need to complain for someone out there, right at this moment,  is doing things they don't want because they lack options. They don't have the chance to think and chose what they want. I'm lucky ayt? How lucky I am.

First road will lead you to somewhere and to someone you longed to be with. The journey is  yet unknown, you don't have any idea how the travel would go, but surely it will lead you to the destination you've wanted. Second road, is the realization of change you been asking for. You had been the instrument of change that you wanted. Unlike the first, you have an idea of how the journey would go, yet you don't have the specific destination. OH well I guess I should choose the first one. Watchathink?..

Time to think again. Reconsideration and reconstructing my mind. Check and lay all cards and finally decide. My Lord, once again I'll leave it up to you. May your will be followed and may you enlighten me of what you want me to do. Again I TRUST, I DEPEND and I SURRENDER.

Ask, and it will be given to you;
seek, and you will find; 
knock, and it will be opened to you.
For everyone who asks receives, 
and he who seeks finds, 
and to him who knocks it will be opened. 


  1. yup i agree... depend on the Lord always sa lahat ng decision mo...

  2. just do what you need to do... and PRAY HARD COZ IT WORKS...

  3. Kiko--- tnx. no one is better tan the Lord. HIS will be done.

    @uno--- tnx din. nag uupdate na ba ko sa list mo. tama ka Prayer is a proven formula...

  4. I agree that we have to depend sa desicion ni Lord... yaan mo do your best he will do the rest.... at parang tama din ang una.. hindi mo alam ang daanan..pero ganun naman talaga di ba.. di natin alam kung anu ano pang circumstances ang dadaan sa buhay natin

  5. prayer is the most powerful weapon..He knows the best for you

  6. Life is full of choices. And you're a product of your choice. I've been through many crossroads as well. Most of the roads I took are dead ends. Some led me to even more darker roads but still I love to stand with my own choice no matter how risky it's been. It is me then. So i won't regret. Anyway, please let me insert a link here. This would really help me meet my quota.

    Sit back and remember