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January 22, 2011

Farewell Le Soleil

 After so many considerations, slept less nights, weeks of discernment, I had finally submitted my resignation letter. In just a month, i will no longer be part of the company that serves as my bread and butter for more than six years.

I'm a bit sad because i will be leaving people  and work ,I learned to love, yet very optimistic of discovering what life has to offer after my present company. I will be forever grateful to the people who, in one way or  another had help me develop personally and professionally. Inevitably, not all days for the past six years had flown smoothly. There are times that you had to deal with conflicts that come along your way as part of the team. There will always be people who at some point would disagree the way you carry some issues but at the end of the day, what matters most is how you deal different situations and scenarios with compassion, confidence, and standing firm on the decisions you've made and remained as a good person that you had been.

To the whole team of Le Soleil de Boracay Hotel, my depth gratitude to everyone, I will never forget the times we shared together, the laughter that filled every corner of the hotel, the debates and the walk-out dramas, the tampuhan modes and everything. Those fun memories will always be with me. To the people I maybe hurt and offended while in the course of performing my duties,  I hope you find it in your heart to understand the situation, and knowing how professional everyone is, I don't need to worry.

As a new chapter in my life will unfold, I had but only one wish, may the people I work with and meet along the way as a member of Le Soleil team will continuously be blessed with everything they need so as to continue the service that it had known for. Truly, its people, the whole team is its best asset of the company.

To the managers my sincerest gratitude for every opportunities you had created for me. I had realized that some big opportunities are packaged in a small not so eye catching boxes. I had lots of it, that had turned me the person I am now. I had allowed myself to let those opportunities  shape me professionally in a limitless possibilities. And again to all employees, supervisors and the security department best of luck. you guys ROCKS!!!!

More power and Best of all luck.


  1. good luck. sa bago at seguradong magandang trabahong naghihintay sayo. mahirap lang talaga yan sa una kasi iiwanan mo ay mga taong naging bahagi na ng buhay mo for 6 years.

  2. ako mas excited ako sa bagong journey mo at alam kong hindi ka magdadamot ibahagi yun d2...

    im happy for you... kasi the world has mbeen waiting for you all along...

    spread your wings...

  3. good luck sa bagong trabaho na papasukan mo.

  4. @ DR--- i might say Im too blessed with how the company treats us. Everything is fine when it come to benifits plus its good people. I guess they're best!

    @Uno---hopefully, that journey will be a journey that God had planned for me. HIS will be done!!!

    @bok--- super tnx buddy. Good luck and God Bless to everyone...

    Keep blogging and Keep inspiring.

  5. God bless sa kung saan ka pupunta.. wahehhee

  6. @kiko---salamat ng dami dami.... :-)