Are you one of us?

October 5, 2010

echoes of the heart

Long and winding journey it is.
Road seems so dark.
I have nothin but YOU.
only you , you and you...

If the whole universe seems to be against you?
Whats the best thing to do?
Is giving-up an option?
Or continue fighting on your own?

I have nothin but you.
Just stay and be true.
On your promise Im holding on...
Keep it on. Keep it on....

Im holding on you, but please hold me too...
Guide me as I walk with you.
Sing for me as I dance for you..
Be with me as I wanna be with you...

the promise of tomorrow is unknown
I cant answer it by my own..
Be with me and let us see
Of whats the future is in store for you and me..

Lets hold hand and walk together
Say our promise to be forever.
You and me we're meant to be.
You and me and forever will be....

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