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November 16, 2010

better, bolder and braver

not all good bye means that the journey had just stop at the moment where such word had been heard. It may, sometimes, mean as a whole new start, start of something better or maybe otherwise.

Good bye!!!

Moving a on for a new life. BETTER, BOLDER and BRAVER!!!

More time for someones self. More time to think. More time to waste and melodramatic no more.... Now give me a life!!!

Happy thoughts. Good memories. Positive disposition. Right amount of confidence. Braver heart. Composed soul. Overflowing blessings of love and guidance. More composed self. Bunch of love. ROCK en ROLL!!! this is the new me. better, bolder and braver. humbled by experiences and believes that I CAN and I WILL

Watch out fella for a better version of me is just born!!!

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