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November 12, 2010

this too shall pass and someday It gonna make sense

the last few post were I guess a product of ever boring mind. Parang lahat ka-epalan lang, masabi lang na may napost ako at na update si blogsite kong mahal.

And on a more serious note, let me share something I learned, some of my thoughts, and what actually happened few days back.

Emotions. Lahat tayo mayaman dito. Everything we do almost involve our emotions. At some point, it is hard for us to manage such, which at times makes us a whole new different person for others. I, even wondered of myself. Lately, I was actually caught off guarded and at this point, as I am asking what went wrong, and what had happenned, I realized that somehow theres something different in me, on how I approach things that had come my way. RENEWED and REDISCOVERED

Troubles, trials, challenges, hardships and heartaches almost turned my world upside down lately. Emotionally filled nights, sleepless days(as I work at night and sleeps at day), were almost normal for me. I tried my best to be composed as I can. Showed everyone that Im well and encourage them be be happy as me, though something inside is killing me, something is broken yet I still manage to have a good laugh with everyone, cried with their stories (not knowing that I too cry for me) and lough out loud at my own stupist mistakes. In short I stayed positive and just enjoyed feeling pains, craziness and every emotions that i need to feel....

The greatest gift a person could ever have is the GIFT OF LIFE and thats what I believe. No matter how hard life is (at the moment) as it may seem, Im still positive that "this too shall pass". Just like the MLTR song "Someday It gonna make sense". Yes someday, whats happening will really make sense. For now im learning everything I need to, so as the time will come that this would happen again (history repeats itself as they say), I know how to deal such circumstance.

The imperfect way of life and everything it throws us, is the perfect way to live it. Ang gulo di ba? Life imperfection my somehow shaken us, but when you stay positive and look at it in a more happy perspective, its imperfection will bring joy to us. Sometimes, we need to feel LOST for us to eventually find ourselves. Take adversities as something that could make us grounded into reality, because at times, we tend to forget that we are just HUMAN, whom is vulnerable to anything. We believe that we can do everything we can, (which is actually true) and that we have the power to do what we want. We forget that HE is more powerful than anyone of us.

No matter what we you going through (and so am I), I encourage everyone to ENTRUST and LEAVE everything to him. Believe, that he has a better plan than what is ours, that HIS WILL BE DONE, and not our will. Have faith that everything will fall in its perfect place in HIS perfect time.

BELIEVE IN HIM. I just did!!! and Im happy.


  1. Amen! I super love this post. Mabuhay ka Harold! :)

  2. tnx Mr. Leo. you got nice posts too. been following it for a quite sometime... keep it up...