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May 19, 2011

Boracay 2011

When we say BORACAY it equates PARADISE. White sand beach, prestine waters, dark blue sky on sunny days, beautiful people, world class establishements like hotels, restaurants and more. Boracay is not all about Beaches, waters, sands and establishements; It has people, beautiful and very hospitable people on this matter and they call us PINOYS. Ikaw pinoy ka ba? At para don sa mga kaibigan kong di pa nakakarating ng Isla ng Boracay, let me share you these photos(pag-tiyagaan nyo nga lang). And for those ho have been here, theres more about Boracay. Next time you step in this Island you will have another bunch of wonderful experience.

Lantern by the Beach

"baruto" local term for boat







  1. tnx buddy... you too had the nice pix. specially the shirts in quezon... love it!!!

  2. Awesome shots! I've never been to Boracay pero sana one of these days maexperience ko na yung sinasabe nilang ganda nyan.

  3. @Kench-tnx dude. pedeng pede na. off season na by June which means mura na yong mga rums plus madami ng promo yong mga airline. I would suggest na dito ka na maghanap ng rooms rather than booking online kasi makakamura ka pa...

  4. Nice...
    mayad ayad nga agahon boracay :)