Are you one of us?

May 7, 2011

Inay Ko Po!!!

As I always believe, the world had been so great because of all mothers in the world. Of what we are today, our mothers had a great influence and had played a very essential part of the real life teleserye of our life called "The Making of Us" 

We constantly be their source of disappointments, had countless misunderstandings with them, but no mother in the world had hated their sons and daughters the way we sometimes feel for them. Yeah, its us that unintentionally hurts them most.

As the world celebrates the HEROS of every child, may every children will find time to thank their mothers. Mothers who had never failed to love their children. Mothers who are ways better than the heros we've known.

I am always vocal about it, I never get "inggit" with those people na mayaman, may magandang mukha, those who may seem have everything in the world. I get envy to those who still have their mothers with them, lucky are they. Mine is already in Heaven. The only consoling thought I have now? I have my best angel in heaven I once called Nanay while she's with us. She will always be my Nanay.

Somehow, and at some point, I had created a world that is mine alone, no colors except for black and white. I dont let anyone invade my self created not so nice environment, but my Nanay had always an access to it. She did not destroyed it nor said bad things about it, instead she just put colors on it. 

Now, of who I am, of what I am, and what I had become and I will become, I owe it to my Nanay. I may sometimes disappoint her and I know I will always be, but I promised that I will be the best person I could ever be, as she wanted me to be. 

To those children who had their mothers with them now, why not give them you're sweetest smile? Why not give them your tightest hug, why not say I love you? Yes, you may be not so expressive as you are but, can we at least make it different now? Indeed children who had their mothers with them now is the luckiest persons in the world. MAKE A DIFFERENCE this mothers day and onwards by showing them how much you love them. Dont wait that you too can experience what I am going through now. Im dying to HUG my mother once more but I cant. Im dying to be with her once more but I cant. Im dying to say I love You millons more but I cant. Yet SHE still console me this moment. Nakukuntento na ako sa mga alaala ng aking Ina pero iba pa din ang nandito sya. Ikaw aantayin mo bang alaala na lang ang lahat kasama ng yong Ina. Oo marahil ang iyong sagot, pero sana'y gawin mong lahat ay magandang alaala kasama sya. Di para sayo, di para sa kanya kundi para sa inyong dalawa. Sige na yakapin mo na sya, pramis di yan magagalit.

Yakapin mo na, ang saya kaya, try moh!!!!

Happy Mothers Day!!!


  1. Happy mothers day to your mother, too.

  2. tnx Ken... to your Mom too....