Are you one of us?

May 9, 2011


Working in a hotel industry in Boracay as fault finder aka audit churver (so gay LOL) di mo maiiwasan na may mga taong magtatampo at magmamagaling sayo. Some great people at work somehow just wont like to admit and accept the fact that at times their so called A+ IQ plus years of experience ay nagagawa nitong ipagkanulo sila, prompting them to come up with some unwise decision. (read: I dont say its wrong). And for a defense for some bruised ego's, they try to attack someones character, sort of character assassination .  Ending, ang inyong dakilang lingkod ay walang nagawa kundi maglabas ng hinanakit sa site ni Zuckerberg. and below is the text.

"What OTHER people think of you is NONE of your business, its theirs!!!. Just let them waste their time thinkin too much of you, because that equates the time they wasted that they should have spend for themselves..

Wala lang. yun lang ang tanging nagawa ko. Parinig mang maituturing,kaya lang a one  on one talk is not an option, at least for now. who knows in time pwede na...

for anyone out there... let them think whatever they wanna think of you for the sweetest revenge is when they realize by themselves that they are indeed wrong, totally wrong for that matter.

peace anyone. 

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