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September 23, 2010

is sooooooooooo blessed

renewed. inspired. energized.these may be how I would describe how I am if you ask me at this moment.

I had just renewed my commitment to my creator. from being a supportive supporter, great team player and good brother, I now accept the bigger responsibility being given to me. There maybe apprehensions at first, but my faith in the LORD will keep me go on "sa tama at tuwid na landas"(P-noy pahiram lang ng line mo).

As I had accept the new responsibility, I consider this as a great oppurtunity to serve my brothers and sisters and to glorify my Lord. I will be forever grateful to everyone in SFC for they continue to inspire me. Yes, being a Household Head is not an easy task, for you are entrusted to take care HIS flocks, but when you have faith, everything goes smooth as my favorite granite tiles for my dream home. We will storm heaven with prayers. Go according to HIS plans. Share the love and inspire his children.

Being an SFC member is not easy but, I feel so blessed. and hope you too.

as my parting word for this post try to think about this
try to count the blessings you receive everyday and you will end up as the luckiest person on earth, or try otherwise; dwell on mishaps and you will end up having more... why count the misfortunes if you can count the blessings....

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