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April 25, 2009

reality bites

had keep this post private for a
while for it had some sensitive case and people involve are on my friends list,
but somehow i would not be real and true to myself if I keep this on private
whereas my primary purpose is to let this people know what I feel

I just learned something significant these past few days. Had learned that no matter how good life is, it is sometimes unfair. They say that when you know the truth, Go for it and stand by it.
When you know something real, and when you know something true, and the people around you keeps denying what the truth is, What will you do?. When such TRUTH will make people condemn you, What will you do? Will you still embraced the truth and stand real, or will you go with the flow just to be “in” in the crowd you are with? Not because everyone around you is doing it, its the real, true and the right thing. People tend to go with the flow and do what other people do, so as to avoid to be condemn by others.“Pakisama” in filipino term, i guess which make the Philippines and Filipinos stuck to where we are right now, a struggling 3rd world country. Where is now Atty. Frank Chavez’s famous line “stand by your principle.”? Atty Frank Chavez delivered this in one of his speech…..
“no matter what the need is, do not steal;
no matter what the price is, do not cheat;
no matter what the punishment is, do not lie;
death first before dishonor stand by your principle”Lately, I just realized that life sometimes and somehow is unfair. Somehow, people can manipulate the real situation. Had this people around me that really earned my disbelief. Somehow, they all know what is the real score to their concerns or should I say, their problems. But when a mediator tried to fix what their concerns are, only one stand to where the truth is. “kumbaga, nilaglag nila ang isa.” Poor little girl who was actually telling the truth. Ang ending, the one telling the truth had earned the bad price. Sya pa ang naging masama, for her so called friends had manipulated the situation. And poor little “mediator” that she thinks that she had fix the concerns of the people around her. Shame on her. I dont believe in you nor I will not waste time to disagree with you. It wont make sense though. You belive in yourself too much and you belive that you always do thing in flying colors. Dont advertise what you are doing, just let people recognize it. Be sensible at times please.(am begging this not for me, but for you to be respected by others. Yes respect that I know youre not aware of) Unconciously you are hurting other peoples feelings….
Telling the truth of course will set us free. Thats tried and tested formula. But sometimes keeping mum of something makes a lot of sense. Letting people around you, know the truth is the best formula you can ever have. Letting them discover the real thing first hand is a cool thing to do. Letting them fall and letting them rise is cooler. Let them know what you know, by themselves. Its not selfish giving them the oppurtunities to get the scars you have, just to let them experience of being in reality and in truth first hand. Reality and truth is sometimes harsh, but when it comes from the people you believe in and from the people you love dearly, it is alway meant to be helpful….

April 8, 2009
this blog is too safe I guess that 6
of my friends here in friendster texted/ask me If they were the one involve
above. For those who ask me, its not you guys. Kainis nga eh, DEADMA lang ang
pinapatamaan ko…. hahahaha

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