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April 25, 2009

My Gawad Kaling Experience

Recently I and some of my brothers and sisters in Singles For Christ Boracay had voluntered in a Gawad Kalinga Project (GK) ( a housing project) in Fatima New Washington here in Aklan. It is the first project of its kind here in our province spearheaded by the Gawad Kalinga Foundation and Couples for Christ and its sub-communities.

Im still in euphoria even though few days had passed when I voluntered in such project and still looking forward of coming back to such place. As everybody know, I work on a graveyard shift and few minutes after I got home, I just had a quick fix of myself and proceded to the meeting place we agreed upon. we arrive in the site a bit late for it took more than two hours to travel to the site from boracay. (not to mention, we stop by the towns market to buy food for our lunch) After we turned over to Tita Zen our foods for cooking, we started what we planned to do. Its almost 11 am i guess and our skin hates the sun. Hay sayang ata yong gluta and silka( free ads hehehehe). A volunter even shared a story that a certain volunter told themjokingly na ang one year nyang pinaghirapang magpaputi sa isang araw lang sa GK project umitim na. hahahahaha. So after an hour or two, we had our lunch in an improvised table. We had also our improvised glass made of soda bottles. See, Filipinos can survive anywhere. We had a great food. Its like a fiesta, everything is serve in the table and you can really feel the spirit of sharing from everyone.

It is a realization on my part that indeed Im so blessed. I could eat at least 3 meals a day. can purchase cellphone load to my nearly obsolette mobile phones, I can send the weekly allowance of my sister and brother every week, I have a job that sometimes I complained of,and so on…. that I sometimes I forget that there are some people in this world who is in the battle almost everyday just to make both ends meet. How Lucky I am compared to them that indeed i dont have the right to complained no matter what, for I have everything I need everyday.

I would like also to take note the volunters for having their precious time building home for less fortunate fellows. As of the moment I guess the project is 30 percent completed.( im not sure of it anyway hehehehe). The project is actually consist of 15 duplexes or 30 house units that will be soon awarded to benefeciaries. As our elders shared, this kind of project is not anymore considered as community building but as nation building. Have we ask our self how many people are getting hungry everyday? We need more volunteers and we need more sponsors. Anyone could help and it will be greatly appreciated. We and the benefeciaries cant pay you, but HE, will pay you more than we what you had given.

Want to feel what we feel? Want to feel the extreme hapiness inside?
Be a volunter!!!!
Be in Gawad Kalinga Project.
Give your little time.
Give care.
Give love….

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