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April 25, 2009

moving on

I know some people who cant moved on. Are they haunted by their past? I guess no. They are just not wiling to let go of things…
Letting go and moving on work for each other. We cant move on if we don’t let go of any emotions that we hold deep inside. This, is a hard process. As hard that I could understand because I have been in that stage. A phase in my life that I felt nothing. I felt empty, I feel lost. Lost within myself.
Lost in myself. Yah, I had been in this stage, stage that I think no one cares for me. A stage that no one listened at me, no one listened because I told to no one. I thought no one loves me, no one loves me because I did not give people a chance to love me. My heart is closed. Closed that made me harder to move on. I had set norms, norms that I shouldn’t set…
I really don’t dwell on the past that well. Not because I have encounters bad things, of course whats in the past are worth looking back, no matter how good or bad it is, because if not of what I had been through, I may not be the person I am now. Its my choice. I choose not to dwell because sometimes if we keep looking back, we forget the present. We forget the PRESENT that is God’s gift to us. We forget that there too many good thing at present because we kept looking back. I leave all those worries behind and concentrate on present. I live my life on a day by day basis.
they say, that we can only move on if we totally accept things. Acceptance is the key? Yes maybe its true. Some will disagree because got different view on this, but for me its true, really true. I had move on, on too many issues that bothers me in the past because I learned to accept things as it is. I learned that life is not perfect.I guess thats the biggest realization of mine. Life is not Perfect. I decided that I will leave my life as I want it to be and not as what people want my life to be. No one could dictates me. After-all,…. Its my life. A life that’s not perfect but a life that I want and the life I made, life that I had choosen because this is the life I deserve…..Life that I LOVE…not perfect but good

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