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April 25, 2009

the lemonade I made

When I ask God for an apple, He threw me some lemons. Somehow I couldn’t understand why, but over the time, I had knew it, that, I deserve more. As HE had threw me lemons, I just accepted it wondering why lemons and not apples. Though I don’t have any concrete plans as to what to do with those lemons, I just keep it, keep it still wondering why lemons. The next day I woke up, I had this bright idea. Why not make some lemonade? and so the lemonade was the best thing I really had that day.
Above really did not happen. (sigh) I just want to show that, somehow, we couldn’t really get all what we wanted. That’s life. It would be unfair if someone or anyone of us will get everything. If you get lemons instead of apples, make some lemonades. Make the most out of everything we get. Indulge ourselves to what and where we are. Who knows, that’s the last lemon we could ever get. Make lemonade and enjoy it while you can…..
As you planned your life, Am sure that somehow, things did not turned out the way you had figured it out. Everyone had this experience I guess. You want something and you get something different. That’s what we call experience. Experience is what you get when you did not get what you wanted. See?, that might help you a lot. Experience is the best teacher though.
As I experienced, I had ask so many things but I did not get everything. As I go older (and hopefully, mature) I had really realized that if I get all the apples I wanted, I may not be the person I am right now. I had learned because of that, and embrace the fact, that I cant really get what all I wanted, yet It teach me to be humble enough and surrender myself to HIS will.
Just go on…..
Live life to the fullest….
Live life with your own style…
Can’t get apples and theres lemon?
Make a lemonade…..

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