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April 25, 2009

ouch... i had too much

Too much of everything is not good. Really. But how may it be? I have lots, I had enough, but I don’t have everything. I don’t have everything I need and it makes me happy and sad. Too much that makes me happy and too much that makes me sad… ouch….
Too much love. Yah, I have too much love in my heart (di nga lang halata), love for myself and love for the people around, believe me or not, but I have much love that I can make myself happy and sad. I have much love that I can make the people around me whom I cared, to be happy and, yes sad. Yes, It makes me happy that because of love I can make people happy. But on the other hand because of love I make myself sad. I deprive myself the happiness which I deserve because I always think other peoples (my love ones) concerns than thinking of my personal concerns. That’s how i love. They should come first before I think of myself. I am happy for that and So I am sad for it. Somehow, I don’t know who is me. I thought doing everything I can, to make people happy will also make me happy.Yes, it makes me happy and sad…
too much hatred. Yes I admit It. I have lots of it. ( i guess everyone have it) It had been in me since I could never recall. It has been in me, since time immemorial. I believe so that everyone have it, and it takes a special kind of courage to admit that we have it. Human as we are, we are not exempted to feel anger, even animals do feel anger. Its not actually bad to have hatred and anger in us, whats makes it bad is we allowed ourselves to be controlled by this negative feelings, rather than we should be the one to control this feelings. Yes everyone feels hatred, everyone feels anger and too much of it is no good…. ouch too much hatred…. I will overcome it…
Too much care and concern. Yes I care too much for my family. I care too much to the people I love. Everything I do is for them. I want to give them nothing but the best. I want them to be happy more than they can realize. I want them to be happy more than me. I want them the best in everything. But somehow because of giving them the best, they tend to forget that I too, deserves the best from them, and it makes me disappointed everytime they dont hit my expectation. too much care, too much concern and too much expectation is no good…
Too much trust. Yes I trust too much to the people around me. I trust too much to those “friends” I don’t even know if they are real friends. I give them the trust that I dont even know if they deserve such. I trust too much that sometime it fights me back. But not everyone are not worthy of trust of course. I still have people in my circle that I can really trust afterall. I can tell them my dirtiest secret without them judging my personality. hahahaha

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